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1-2 tons of fish feed production line shipped to Nigeria

Lima Machinery has been engaged in the manufacture of agricultural feed pellet machines for 20 years, and the products are exported to more than 100 cities and countries. The main products are fish feed machine, chicken feed machine. There are more than 500 workers and 20 engineers in our factory, we can design and manufacture machines according to customers' requirements. We already have more than 50 agents and every year we go to different countries to participate in many exhibitions. We also invite our customers to visit our factory. We help them promote a good market in their place.
Recently, our company exported a batch of 1-2 tons of fish feed production line machines to Nigeria for mass production. Engineers from Nigerian company gave us good feedback and are very satisfied with our machines, the production line includes feed mill, feed mixer, feed pellet mill, countercurrent cooler, feed mill, feed pellet grading screen, automatic weighing and packaging machine. Our machines can achieve the effect of reducing component separation, reducing feed waste, easy storage and transportation, improving palatability and reducing selective feeding. There are suitable machines for both home farm use and commercial use.
Let's take a look at the pictures fed back by Nigerian engineers. It is the installed fish feed production line.