100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine
100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine

100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine

150kg/h fish feed extrusion machine is also know as aquatic life, fish, dog food, pet feed extruder.
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Product description
Machine Functions
Product features
Machine Introduction
150kg/h fish feed extruder machine is suitable for frog, aquatic, ornamental fish, pet feed farmers; small and medium-sized feed factories and scientific research units.
150kg/h fish feed extrusion machine  is also know as aquatic life, fish, dog food, pet feed extruder.
100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine
The cutting system adopts the cutter shaft positioning spring and cutting mode to achieve stepless speed change, which can cut the output to any desired length
100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine
Easy to install, easy to disassemble, easy to disassemble, and easy to operate.
100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine
The screw are made of a special wear-resistant high-temperature and high-humidity material, 38 chromium molybdenum aluminum, which is tempered and then heat-treated to form, which has the advantages of wear resistance and long life.
100-150kg/h Fish Feed Machine
Equipped with a unique pressurized die device to ensure feed yield and quality.
Why use the fish feed extrusion machine?
The floating extruded feed can float on the water surface for at least 12 hours and will not be scattered. Fish and poultry are easy to digest and can easily observe the food intake of frogs and fish without causing waste of feed,no need worry about the pollution.
The material effectively kills harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella through high temperature and high pressure, which ensures the hygiene of the feed, is conducive to the absorption of protein denaturation and starch gelatinization, and is easy for absorption by fish and poultry.
Generally, the use of puffed floating fish feed can save 8% -15% of the feed than powder or pellet feed. Production of cooked sinking aquatic products and poultry and livestock pellets can eliminate most of the toxins and antitrypsin and urinary enzymes in anti-nutritional factors, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of animals and improve the digestion and utilization of nutrients.
Technical parameters
Model Screw Dia.
Diesel Horsepowe
Feeding Power
Cutting Power(kw) Size(mm) Weihgt(kg)
LM40 40 30-40 12 0.4 0.4 1400*1030*1200 380
LM50 50 60-80 18 0.4 0.4 1470*1100*1250 420
LM60 60 120-150 25 0.4 0.4 1470*1100*1250 530