200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher

The small grain grinder, also known as the Self-priming grain crusher, is a small self-priming crusher with posho mill. The tooth claw grinder is suitable for grinding corn, beans, cereals and wheat.
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Product description
Machine Functions
Product features
Machine Description
The Self-priming grain crusher can be used on farms, rural households, and feed mills. It can be used to crush unprocessed rice, corn, sorghum, beans, and other cereals.
200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher
Small size, space saving, easy to install and fix
200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher
The grain machine has good adaptability and can be ground, sorghum, corn stover, peanuts, etc.
200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher
Reasonable structure, compact structure and convenient maintenance.
200-300KG/H Self-priming grain crusher
The operation is simple, no need to fix the foundation, and it is convenient for the process operation.
Working principle
The high-speed rotating sprocket rotor produces a powerful centrifugal force that feeds the material into the crushing chamber.
The Self-Priming Crusher uses a positive pressure, high-speed rotating rotor to generate a large centrifugal force, and the raw material is sucked into the pulverizing chamber to be pulverized.
Technical data
Model LM-850
Size 1450*900*1050mm
Power 6kw
Voltage 380V50Hz
Capacity 200-300kg
Machine Weight 150kg