raising chickens
Precautions for raising chickens in summer
1, do not look at the market to raise chickens
Organic Trace Elements
Difference Between Organic Trace Elements and Inorganic Trace Elements
From July to September in summer, although the temperature is high, the water temperature is suitable for the growth of fish, which is the peak season for the growth of fish, but also the high incidence of fish disease, so we should not only pay attention to feeding, but also to the prevention and control of fish disease:
Fish disease
Fish disease prevention and control
(1) Fish disease prevention and control
Is feed protein the higher the better?
Fish have low ability to absorb sugar, protein is the main nutrient for fish growth, most of which must be obtained from food, so the protein content of aquatic feed is generally required to be much higher than that of livestock feed,
shrimp farming
What are the precautions for shrimp farming in autumn?
1. Pay attention to water regulation and water stabilization
 fish tank
Seven rules of fish tank farming
1. Container
The container for raising fish should reach more than 30 cm. The bigger the fish, the bigger the fish tank is. The large fish need a covered aquarium to avoid the occurrence of jumping out of the tank.
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