flour mixing machine
flour mixing machine

50kg Flour Mixing Mixer

Flour mixer machine is the powder mixing machine used in Seasoned pet feed production line, biscuit production line, corn flake production line and Instant noodle production line, etc
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Product description
Machine Functions
Product features
Machine Introduction
Flour mixer machine is evenly mixed with the high speed rotation of the stirring blade in the surface barrel, which is the ideal professional equipment for the mixing machine of the noodle machine and the powder material. Mixing machine is a variety of noodle machine, cold noodle machine, can also be applied to a variety of other pasta and other powder and other powder or scattered colloidal mixing equipment, its role is to stir the flour and water into a flocculent state.
50kg Flour Mixing Mixer
high stability, safety and health, easy to operate, stir evenly, can automatically discharge
50kg Flour Mixing Mixer
mixing machine can improve the efficiency of flour processing equipment and the quality of noodles.
50kg Flour Mixing Mixer
Can be used for food, pharmaceutical industry powder raw materials and a small amount of liquid or dry powder raw materials mixing, such as pastry stuffing or mix dry powder, etc
50kg Flour Mixing Mixer
The machine is suitable for various powders and pre-mixing work of noodle processing, which can save a lot of labor and reduce cos
How to use the machine?
1. Place the machine on a level surface before use to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.
2. Check the parts before use, check the transmission part, turn the mixer by hand flexibly; check if the fasteners are loose during transportation; whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation.
3. Check if the existing power supply voltage matches the rated voltage used in this product.
4. Extend the rubber power cord, ground the yellow-green wire with the grounding symbol reliably, and connect the remaining three cores (with two single-phase motors to two) to the open load switch (gate switch). On the lead terminal block when it is open.
5. Closed open type load switch, start switch handle, the machine runs smoothly, no abnormal sound is required to test the machine.
6. Use and operation: Before the machine starts, add the flour, additives and other materials to the barrel, run for one to two minutes, then add the appropriate amount of water, or add the flour to the barrel first, then mix the water with the additive. Add the barrel, and after the material is evenly stirred, place the holding utensil under the discharge port, lift the stopper plate, and mix the uniform material to be automatically removed and fall into the holding device.
Technical Parameters
Model LM-H50
Capacity(kg/batch) 50
Power(kw) 4
Function and application
Stainless steel mixer is suitable for mixing powdery raw materials, high efficiency and fast mixing speed, suitable for small-scale feed processing below 300kg.